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I know it seems crazy but yes it is true. If you are looking for a no nonsense fitness program that will deliver, look no further. My name is Mike Deibler and I am the owner of San Diego Premier Training. I would worked as a fitness professional for 10 years and have developed a program that is getting our clients amazing results. Through a program you will:

  • Lose weight quickly and safely without some crazy diet plan
  • Develop muscle tone and strength
  • Have more energy throughout the day
  • And feel great and more self confident

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With our program you will receive:

  • Customized strength training with a certified trainer in our private studio
  • A fat burning cardio routine
  • A corrective exercise program to help with muscle imbalances and posture
  • A wholesole nutrition program that you can live with

For a limited time I am even offering a special program for Yelp users. If you sign up after your free trial you will receive your first month of personal training for our lowest rate of $399/month or $79/month for group training. Just mention this ad when you come in.

If you still aren't sure, here are some of our latest client sucesses:

Don Lost 44lbs in 16 weeks

Darrin Lost 29lbs in 8 weeks

Lori Lost 17lbs and 6% body fat in 8 weeks

Molly Lost 18lbs in 8 weeks

Audrey Lost 18lbs in 8 weeks

If you think this might be the program you are looking for just click on the link below to get started or call 760-268-1023.

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Mike Deibler MS, CSCS

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